What to expect

Whether you’re moving yourself or a loved one, managing a complicated relocation is no easy task. Your dedicated Move Manager works with you to plan a stress-free move from start to finish.

During our initial in-home consultation, we’ll learn all about your time frame, needs and preferences. We then tailor our services to your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote.

Here’s what to expect from Serendipity Moves at every step.


  • develop a timeline for your move
  • create a floor plan for placement of all items in your new home
  • engage our removalist partner
  • organise storage if required
  • help with preparing your house for sale
  • liaise with your family if required
  • plan your move from start to finish


  • assist you with organising all your household items
  • guide you on what to take with you
  • identify items that can be sold, gifted or recycled
  • identify any purchases you may need to make


  • prepare items for sale, gifting or recycling
  • photograph and label your items
  • disassemble any furniture if required
  • professionally pack your household items
  • create an inventory and instructions for our removalist


  • provide trained, professional staff
  • supervise the removalists on moving day
  • oversee the placement of items in your new home
  • coordinate delivery of any items to storage
  • tidy and vacuum your old home

Settling in

  • unpack all boxes and unwrap large items
  • re-assemble furniture
  • decorate your new home in line with your floor plan
  • connect all appliances including Wi-Fi, modems and audio visual
  • hang your pictures and artwork
  • make your beds
  • tidy and vacuum your new home

We provide a personalised service from start

to finish to ensure a stress-free move.